ISBN Title Publisher Price Qty  
9780071492324  Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated  McGraw-Hill  €9.30  more details
9780759396289  Key Words for Fluency Intermediate  Cengage Learning  €22.30  more details
9780759396296  Key Words for Fluency Pre-Intermediate  Cengage Learning  €22.30  more details
9780759396272  Key Words for Fluency Upper-Intermediate  Cengage Learning  €22.30  more details
9780952280804  Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs  ELB Publishing  €13.35  more details
9780071496421  McGraw-Hill's Essential ESL Grammar: A Hnadbook for Intermediate and Advanced ESL Students  McGraw-Hill  €13.30  more details
9781905085729  Natural Business English Authentic Language For Business Today with audio CD  DELTA Publishing  €24.10  more details
9780194387644  New English File Elementary Workbook with Answer Booklet and MultiROM Pack  Oxford  €23.80  more details
9780521608831  Objective IELTS Advanced Self Study Student's Book with CD ROM  Cambridge  €37.05  more details
9780521608855  Objective IELTS Intermediate Self Study Student's Book with CD-ROM  Cambridge  €37.05  more details
9780521140508  Originals (With Key)  Cambridge  €17.25  more details
9780194000888  Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice Lower-Intermediate/B1  Oxford  €20.50  more details
9780194000918  Oxford Academic Vocabulary Practice Upper-Intermediate/B2-C1  Oxford  €20.50  more details
9780194572149  Oxford Correspondence Workbook  Oxford  €20.00  more details
9780194414937  Oxford English Grammar Course Advanced with Key (includes e-book)  Oxford  €30.85  more details
9780194420778  Oxford English Grammar Course Basic with Answers  Oxford  €28.95  more details
9780194414814  Oxford English Grammar Course Basic with Key (includes e-book)  Oxford  €27.00  more details
9780194414876  Oxford English Grammar Course Intermediate with Key (includes e-book)  Oxford  €27.00  more details
9780194329996  Oxford Grammar for EAP  Oxford  €35.45  more details
9780194571937  Oxford Handbook of Legal Correspondence   Oxford  €38.70  more details
9780194398725  Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary  Oxford  €15.55  more details
9780194317337  Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary of Business English  Oxford  €15.55  more details
9780194336840  Oxford Learner's Pocket Grammar  Oxford  €16.65  more details
9780194325493  Oxford Learner's Pocket Phrasal Verbs and Idioms  Oxford  €16.65  more details
9780194752046  Oxford Learner's Pocket Thesaurus  Oxford  €15.55  more details
9780194325691  Oxford Learner's Pocket Verbs and Tenses  Oxford  €16.65  more details
9780194620147  Oxford Learner's Pocket Word Skills  Oxford  €18.60  more details
9780194752008  Oxford Learner's Thesaurus Paperback with CD-ROM  Oxford  €40.85  more details
9780194557122  Oxford Living Grammar Elementary  Oxford  €25.55  more details
9780194557146  Oxford Living Grammar Intermediate  Oxford  €25.55  more details
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