A Cat’s Microcosm - Learning Japanese through Fairy Tales

AuthorMitsue Jimi
PublisherOriginal Writing Ltd
Publication Date09-07-2014
Edition1st Edition
LanguageOther Languages
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A Cat’s Microcosm can be used to study Japanese! There are two sections: Tales and Poetry.

Suitable for all ages and levels!

A good insight into Japanese Culture, as seen through the eyes of a cat!


This book, my second book, consists of seven fairy tales and poetry. I wrote them in Japanese and English so that many people all over the world can read my stories the same as my previous book. 
Hiragana is put on Kanji to be readable especially for those who are learning Japanese language. In addition, a vocabulary list is provided as a dictionary function for each fairy tale and they will be useful for Japanese speakers who are learning English as well.
Cat’s universe is a common world which exists in my heart and readers’. It’s nothing much, but I hope that you will enjoy the stories of happenings that have occurred in the microcosm somewhere.
Lastly I received help from Mr. John Hanley, Mr. Conrad Saya Reina, Ms. Sakura Iijima and staff at Original Writing on the occasion of this publication. I deeply appreciate your assistance from the bottom of my heart.
July, 2014
Mitsue Jimi

Sample from A Cat’s Microcosm

A Snow Castle

A boy whose name is Toshio lived in a northern town where it snows heavily every year when winter came. Toshio’s father and mother didn’t return home until early evening since both were working. So, he was normally alone at home. He also had to change schools because of his father’s work. Toshio started shutting his emotions in without intention. Because he had to say good-bye to his classmates not long after they had become friends with each other.
Toshio wasn’t able to become familiar to his current school classmates. He came straight home while giving sidelong glances to his classmates who were playing happily in the school grounds after classes finished. He wished he could have played with them in his mind but he couldn’t address them by himself.
‘They look so happy. I want to play with them. I wish we could play dodge ball together.’ He always grumbled on his way home. Toshio is the only child of his parents and on his daily life he waited for his parents while he was watching TV and playing computer games until they returned home in the early evening.
Toshio’s home was on the first floor of a two-story flat. One day he heard something like joyful laughter when he came out to the balcony. Apparently it came from the parking area behind the flats. Toshio decided to go there and see.
Kids of the neighborhood were playing kick-the-can in the parking area. Both boys and girls were making noise happily they seemed to be on good terms with each other. He couldn’t start to say anything as usual though he wanted them to accept him into their group. So, he was watching them from behind a utility pole. How many minutes passed by? The huge late afternoon sun started lighting up children’s faces in red and one after another left for their home while he was doing so.
‘What are you doing in such a place?’ It was the familiar voice. When he looked back, his mother came close to him carrying her bag and a plastic bag of shopping for dinner in her hands.
‘Nothing.’ Toshio answered dejectedly.
On Sunday morning Toshio didn’t want to leave the Futon as it was very cold. Nonetheless, his mother woke him up many times and he decided to get up unwillingly after all. He dashed into the toilet after he threw his top and trousers into the Kotatsu in a hurry. His body trembled quivering when he urinated. He found something white which had covered the window frame outside when he saw the window in the toilet.
‘Oh, snow!’ Nobody knows which was faster his saying so or his opening the window but anyway everything outside mantled in a sheet of white snow. It looked like plenty of the flavored shaved ice that he loved.
‘Yay, yay!’ he became excited and rushed out of the toilet.
‘Toshio, be quiet! Your father is still sleeping now.’ His mother scolded him in a low voice. However, he didn’t care because he was full of joy. He took his clothes from inside the Kotatsu which he had thrown just now and changed quickly. His clothes became warm and made him feel happy.
‘You insisted you didn’t want to get up few minutes ago, right?’ His mother poked his head slightly laughing. He also laughed because of embarrassment.
Nevertheless, his smile disappeared soon as his mother was preparing for going out.
‘Say, mum, today is your day off, isn’t it?’ Toshio asked. She answered that she had to go out for some reason. He thought in his mind that it’s really a pity and he wanted to play with her outside because snow accumulated. Yet, he wouldn’t like to wake up his father.
He knew that his father was very tired as he worked until late at night every day and another reason was that his father tended to be in a bad mood if he was woken up.
‘He has low blood pressure.’ His mother said so but Toshio didn’t understand the meaning of the word, low blood pressure well.
Therefore, each time he heard the word, he misunderstood between the word and the low atmospheric pressure he sometimes heard in a weather forecast and blurringly imaged something ambiguous in his mind.

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