A Cat's Soliloquy: Learning Japanese Through Poetry

AuthorMitsue Jimi
PublisherOriginal Writing Ltd
Publication DateAugust 23, 2011
Edition1st Edition
LanguageOther Languages
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This is a collection of poetry spanning twenty years in the life of a Japanese girl whose dream was to teach her native language to non-native speakers in a foreign country. The subjects covered include a whale who in its prime ruled a bay in Japan, and the poet's feelings at the end of the year and hopes for the year to come as told by herself as a cat. Many of her poems tell about her profound respect for animals. They speak to the reader of the death of a beloved pet and of the hope of a newborn baby. They speak of the beauty of Japan, of Cherry Blossoms and typhoons, and of her love for her country and for her family. Many of the poems are sad, about the departure of innocence and the impossibility of a return or of a happy day that is in the irretrievable past, and yet is alive in memory and can be returned to when life is unbearable. They bring to life her own personal philosophy based on the Japanese spirit of doing one's best at all times, love of Nature, and desire for a peaceful existence. The poems were originally written in Japanese and later translated into English. Both are included here, first the Japanese version followed by the English.
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