A handle on homophones

AuthorGenevieve Farrell
PublisherOriginal Writing Ltd
Publication Date
CategoryGrammar & Vocabulary
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A HANDLE ON HOMOPHONES is a fun English language skills and literacy resource for students aged 8-12 years.

Book Content
Accompanied by teachers notes, each commonly confused homophone group (eg, their, they're, there and to, two, too) is presented through a poem, which is followed by an explanation of the homophones and several stimulating pupil activities.
  • An all-in-one, very convenient and easily accessible homophones and poetry resource for use with children
  • 100% Irish
  • Its variety of practical lessons makes it suitable for mainstream, special needs and EFL students
  • Each homophone group is contextualised within the poem, thus facilitating teaching and learning
  • A cost-effective, spiral-bound book
  • Teachers notes at the beginning of each homophone group
  • Answers to questions provided for each homophone group
  • Poems are all rhythmical and rhyme, thus making the learning of each homophone group a more fun and enjoyable experience for students
  • Donations from sales go to Barnardos
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