A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers

AuthorTony Penston
PublisherTP Publications
Publication Date16 Nov 2005
Edition1st Edition
Series A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers
CategoryGrammar & Vocabulary
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A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers excels at actually making grammar easy; easy to understand, easy to master, easy to apply in the classroom. Its underlying aim is to help teachers become au fait with the terminology used in modern ELT coursebooks and to build confidence in their ability to explain grammar rules, both structural and functional.

Among the bold innovations with this book is its A4 size, which more readily accommodates the plentiful and highly commended tables of grammar items. It is also the first English teacher’s grammar to use ‘tree diagrams’ to show sentence constituents in full clarity. Other strengths include the many excerpts from coursebooks and resource books, plus the excellent practical tips throughout. 
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