An Broc-chú

AuthorHerve Brothers
PublisherLeabhar Breac
Publication Date
CategoryChildren's Books
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"To sell this product with our partners in the medical sector, we look to the expertise and the advanced link together." It is so that the management of the laboratory Duprat a new strategy of partnership submitted to both Guy Farkas, called 'Badger-Cu', travelers healing of old style, and Jeremy Labionda, executive young rócháilithe it is the responsibility of the eye discrete on the badger-Cu. Furthermore, they have to sell a new version of a medical product suspected in the death of hundreds of patients.
Sometimes cruel, sometimes another sarcastic, just extremely funny, satire is the Badger-Cu on the neamhscrupallach selfish world in which we live. Thriller is a story about friendship, sciolladh frithchaiptileach, and French road movie in Citroen CX Saloon!
Oak is transferred to the stage.
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