Oxford Learner's Thesaurus Paperback with CD-ROM

AuthorLea, Diana; Bradbery, Jeniffer; Poole, Richard; Warren, Helen
Publication Date16-Apr-2008
EditionNot Specified
Series Oxford Learners
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Upper-Intermediate to Advanced Level

CEF B2 to C2

A synonyms dictionary written especially for learners. It groups words with similar meanings and explains the differences between them.

Key features
  •       Over 17,000 synonyms and opposites from written and spoken English
  •       CD-ROM with access to the complete Thesaurus and over 250 practice exercises
  •       9-page Thesaurus Trainer to help you make the most of your Thesaurus
  •       16 Study Pages focusing on topics and exam-style questions
  •       Illustrated Topic Maps with exercises to help build vocabulary
  •       A-Z Index and Topic Index make it easy to find any word in the Thesaurus    

Use the Oxford Learners' Thesaurus to choose exactly the right word:
  •       Use the 4,000 notes to identify the exact difference between pairs of synonyms
  •       See which words are used most frequently and choose the most appropriate
  •       Choose the words that are right for the context: formal/informal, written/spoken, approving/disapproving
  •       Understand which words go together and use them correctly
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