Reading Techniques (With Removable Key)

AuthorClare West
Publication Date2010
Edition2nd Edition
SeriesGeorgian Press
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Upper-Intermediate Level 

A fully revised and redesigned book for students at upper-intermediate level who wish to practise and improve their reading skills. The emphasis is on learning practical techniques to enable students to become effective readers, and to tackle reading papers in examinations with confidence.
Key features include:
  • instruction in the major reading skills required at upper-intermediate level: skimming, scanning, intensive reading, reading between the lines, speed reading and identifying source, topic and register;
  • graded practice of the main task-types students are likely to encounter in examinations at this level:
  • multiple choice, gapped texts and multiple matching;
  • study boxes with clear step-by-step guidance and regular reminders of the particular skills required;
  • texts from a wide range of sources, in varying styles and registers;
  • four full-length Practice Tests suitable for students preparing for FCE Paper 1;
  • attractive full-colour design and illustrations;
  • and a removable answer key.
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