Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs

AuthorMartin Shovel
PublisherELB Publishing
Publication Date
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Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs - a 'classic' ELT title that covers the troublesome area of phrasal verbs in a humorous and lively way. Acquiring an understanding of phrasal verbs - so essential for a fluent command of spoken English - can be a tedious business. Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs presents some of the most common verbs and takes away the tedium by using lively cartoon illustrations and guides learners to an understanding of meaning by using carefully worded cue questions. Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs provides a series of exercises offering first controlled, and then freer practice of the newly learned verb forms. The Reference Section at the back of the book includes meaning check, context sentences and collocations. Making Sense of Phrasal Verbs can be used for self-study or in class.
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