Collins English for Life: Writing Upper-Intermediate

AuthorGenevieve White
Publication Date2014
Edition1st Edition
SeriesCollins English for Life
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Upper-Intermediate Level

Develop key writing skills and become more confident when writing in English.
If you want to get better at writing in English you need to practise writing different kinds of texts. Collins Writing (B2) presents 20 styles of writing for everyday situations, to help you choose the right style of writing and the right words and phrases.
Includes practice of writing in the following contexts:
  • Writing a blog
  • Contributing to an online forum
  • Making a complaint
  • Writing notes
Plus each context helps to develop valuable writing skills including:
  • Structuring your thoughts
  • Being polite but firm
  • Being light-hearted
  • Editing your own work
Collins Writing (AB) is part of the English for Life series. It is suitable for self-study and classroom use, and can help towards Cambridge ESOL FCE exam preparation.  
  • Twenty units with a clear design in full colour
  • Authentic and adapted texts in a wide variety of styles
  • Appendices contain detailed advice targeting specific writing skills, such as sentence structure and punctuation
  • Mini-dictionary with definitions of the most difficult words in each unit, taken from the Collins COBUILD dictionary
  • Answer key
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