English for Football

AuthorAlan Redmond, Sean Warren
Publication Date2012
Edition1st Edition
SeriesExpress Series
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Beginners to Elementary Level
English for Football is part of the Express Series. It is an ideal course for students who want to communicate better in English in the world of football. 

This short, intensive course can be completed in 25-30 hours, so students make progress quickly. 

English for Football can be used as a stand-alone course, for self-study using the interactive MultiROM, or alongside a coursebook.

English for Football focuses on vocabulary and expressions used in this global sport. Training, tactics and skills are covered along with topics such as nutrition, fitness and treatment. 

English for Football is specifically designed for students at beginner and elementary level, so that students with low levels of English can comfortably acquire the language needed to communicate in football.

Key features
  • Foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson
  • Engaging topics and a variety of exercises provide a framework for each specialist subject
  • SKILLS SPOTS cover important skills, such as narrowing the angles and cutting inside
  • KICK-OFF section at the beginning of each unit activates English and football knowledge
  • PROFILE section at the end of each unit features international football players learning English
  • Answers, transcripts, tests, and a glossary of footballing terms at the back of the book
  • Self-study material on the interactive MultiROM includes realistic listening extracts and interactive exercises for extra practice 
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