Natural Business English Authentic Language For Business Today with audio CD

AuthorBill Mascull
PublisherDELTA Publishing
Publication Date2013
Edition1st Edition
SeriesDELTA Natural English
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Upper Intermediate
Natural English is for people who want to learn the real language of international business today.
It includes essential business vocabulary and expressions, and also looks at common idiomatic usage as well as language typical of business journalism.
It is designed to help students understand the language and to use it in appropriate ways.
Audio presentation is used for a lot of the language, so that students are able to improve their pronunciation as well as enrich their vocabulary. 
Key features:
  • Business topics covered include: leaders, organisations, mergers and acquisitions, manufacturing, retailing, services, marketing, strategy, research and development, HR, accounting and financing, markets and the global economy 
  • Designed for class rooms or self study with audio scripts and key
  • Includes glossary of words and expressions from main units
  • Perfect as a supplementary resource for Business English exams
  • Includes free audio CD 
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