English for Telecoms and Information Technology with MultiRom

AuthorTom Ricca-McCarthy, Michael Duckworth
Publication Date2009
Edition1st Edition
SeriesExpress Series
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English for Telecoms is the ideal quick course for anyone working in the telecoms and information technology sector. It can be used to supplement a regular coursebook, on it's own, as a stand-alone intensive specialist course, or for self-study. 
English for Telecoms gives you the English you need to communicate clearly in this global sector. 
Key features of the book:
  • An introductory unit looking at the state of play in the sector and a closing unit on telecoms and IT in society 
  • Six main units looking at aspects of telecoms and IT and how they are applied in particular business areas
  • Language presented and practised in authentic situations
  • STARTER activities to raise awareness and OUTPUT activities to encourage discussion
  • Partner files for role-play
  • Appendix including an answer key and transcripts of the listening extracts
Key Features of the MultiROM:
  • Realistic listening extracts
  • Interactive exercises to practice the language of telecoms and IT
  • Tech Tutorials glossary of technical language  
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