En acción 4 - Libro Del Alumno

AuthorEsther Gutierrez, Amelia Blas and Belen G. Abia
PublisherEn Clave ELE
Publication DateNovember 2010
EditionNot Specified
SeriesEn Accion
LanguageCollege Booklists
CategoryInstituto Cervantes Dublín
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En Acción 4 is the last level of the collection. It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference (level C1) and on action-oriented approach. It follows the new Curricular Plan of Instituto Cervantes and the proposal of Virtual Spanish Class (AVE). En acción 4 encourage students to work in groups and to make decisions in group to do the ending task, considering the student as a social agent, and encouraging the reflection in groups about learning styles and strategies (between 150 and 170 hours).
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