The Art of Travel Conversation

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Designed to revive The Art of Conversation, TAOC is a fabulous way to have balanced, interesting and meaningful communications. This Travel Edition follows on from the success of the original TAOC games, offering new avenues to think, and talk, about the world. Included is an instruction booklet, as well as over 300 areas of discussion from topics on geography, history, languages, anthropology, philosophy, architecture, politics, and much more. TAOC Travel enables us to gain new perspectives and broaden our view of the world in a fun and easy to use format. Best of all, your own life experiences, interests and ideas are all that's required to enjoy and reap the full benefits of TAOC Travel. TAOC Travel is an excellent learning tool for students of any age, as it works well regardless of actual travel experience; facilitating healthy debates and discussions, as well as being a useful tool for research topics, interactive tours and lesson plans. With TAOC Travel, a myriad of world journeys await you, and can be experienced right in you very own home!
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