Francais! Francais! Book with 3 Audio CDs & CD-Rom Pack

AuthorCarole Nicoll
PublisherThe Language Factory
Publication Date2008
EditionNot Specified
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The Francais! Francais! book comes in full colour and features a vocabulary page, where each vocabulary item has a picture. Each picture has the French word in blue (masculine) or red (feminine) and in English. Opposite this is a page where this vocabulary is used in short simple conversations, poems, songs, raps and jokes. There is a CD reference for each song, rap, poem or conversation so that the tracks can be easily located.

It could not be more user friendly! Perfect for the pupil, teacher and the primary or nonspecialist teacher, or teacher of special needs.

Words in English to all the songs & conversations can be found in the back of the book.

The book can be sold with 3 audio CDs or as a pack with 3 audio CDs and a CD-ROM.
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