100+ Fun Ideas for Teaching French Across the Curriculum

AuthorNicolette Hannam, Michelle Williams
PublisherBrilliant Publications
Publication Date2011
Edition1st Edition
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Bring French to life and make it meaningful by linking it to other subjects using a Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach.
The practical, easy-to-use ideas in this book will make it easy to integrate language learning across the curriculum. By incorporating French into maths, science, history, geography, ICT, etc, your language learning will complement and enhance learning in other subjects, rather than compete with them for crucial teaching and learning time.

Telling you that "six fois sept est égal 42" is much more exciting than just practising time tables! With the help of this book, soon your pupils will be able to tell you "Oui, c'est exact" if their science predictions were correct or enjoy being able to "envoyer un document" (send a document) in ICT.
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