AuthorNicolette Hannam, Michelle Williams
PublisherBrilliant Publications
Publication Date2009
Edition1st Edition
SeriesModern Foreign Languages
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5 - 11 years old

Buon'Idea is an invaluable time-saving resource that will help you to cover many of the objectives of the Framework for Modern Foreign Languages.
Designed with the non-specialist in mind, Buon'Idea provides key vocabulary, word and picture matching cards, activity sheets and puzzle pages for 20 popular topics. Use the suggestions given or develop your own games with these flexible sheets. Italian has never been this easy - just choose your game, copy the sheets and play!

Sentence building sheets for each topic provide top tips for extending the vocabulary. Use them and soon your pupils will be happily conversing in Italian with confidence.

The topics included in this book are:
  • I númeri (The numbers)
  • I giorni della settimana (The days of the week)
  • I mesi dell'anno (The months)
  • La mia famiglia (My family)
  • I colori (The colours)
  • I miei animali (Pets)
  • In classe (In the classroom)
  • La scuola (School subjects)
  • Buon appetito (Food)
  • Il meteo (The weather)
  • Il corpo (The body)
  • I passatempi (My hobbies)
  • I vestiti (Clothes)
  • In città (In the town)
  • La mia casa (My house)
  • Buon Natale (Happy Christmas)
  • San Valentino (Valentine's Day)
  • Carnevale (Shrove Tuesday)
  • Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter)
  • Halloween (Halloween)
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