¡Es Español!

AuthorKathy Williams, Beatrice Rubio
PublisherBrilliant Publications
Publication Date1 Jan 2004
EditionNot Specified
SeriesModern Foreign Languages
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7–11 year olds
Now you can teach Spanish successfully, even if your own knowledge is rusty. ¡Es Español! is a flexible scheme that allows you to progress at your own pace. The book and CD provide everything you need to teach Spanish to primary pupils.
  • Designed for the non-specialist foreign language teacher
  • 18 authentic units, with teacher's notes provide a wide range of activities and extension ideas 
  • Over 60 photocopiable pupils sheets provide practice and reinforcement through simple fun exercises.
  • The integral CD models vocabulary, phrases and sentences, and gives instructions that the pupils must listen to in order to complete some of the worksheets.
  • The course includes 7 traditional Spanish songs, with illustrated song sheets and recordings on the CD.
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