Lotto en Español

AuthorColette Elliott, Belén de Vicente Fisher
PublisherBrilliant Publications
Publication Date30 April 2009
EditionNot Specified
SeriesModern Foreign Languages
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5 - 11 years old

Lotto en Español is a proven way of reinforcing the use of the Spanish language. These attractive, easy-to-use photocopiable lotto boards provide a stimulating and meaningful way to develop reading, listening and speaking skills when teaching.

Topics include:
  • Les números del 1 al 12 (Numbers 1-12)
  • Les números del 1 al 60 (Numbers 1-60)
  • Los animals (Animals)
  • ¡Que aproveche! (Food)
  • En la clase (Classroom objects)
  • La ropa (Clothes)
  • La Navidad (Christmas)
Three versions of each board are provided - words only, words and pictures, and pictures only - allowing maximum flexibility, particularly in mixed ability classes.

The unique call sheets enable you to follow the game closely and to select which team you want to win.
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