Spanish Festivals and Traditions

AuthorNicolette Hannam, Michelle Williams
PublisherBrilliant Publications
Publication Date2009
Edition1st Edition
SeriesModern Foreign Languages
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7 - 11 years old

Spanish Festivals and Traditions is an invaluable and time-saving book that provides intercultural ideas for every month of the year. For each festival and tradition, you will find:
  • Background information
  • Key vocabulary
  • Detailed lists of possible teaching activities
  • Photocopiable sheets
  • Ideas range from making cards and writing poems, to playing games and cooking traditional recipes.
Examples of festivals and traditions include Las Fallas de San José (The Torches of Saint Joseph), El día de la Hispanidad (Spanish National Day), Challenging stereotypes and Comparing buildings and places.

This book includes analysis grids that show where and how the Intercultural Strand of the Framework for Modern Languages is covered, both by objective and year group.

Finally, this book provides detailed plans for holding your own 'Spanish Day' at school to raise the profile of MFL and enthuse both staff and children.
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