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Collins Cobuild Intermediate Dictonary with CD-ROM

AuthorCollins COBUILD
PublisherCengage Learning
Publication Date11-Oct-2007
Edition1st Edition
SeriesCollins Cobuild Dictionary
CategoryDictionaries & Phrasebooks
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Intermediate Level
With innovations such as DefinitionsPLUS and vocabulary builders, the Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary of British English transforms the learner's dictionary from an occasional reference into the ultimate resource and must-have dictionary for language learners. The definitions have been created using a controlled vocabulary, and each definition has been reviewed by a team of classroom teachers to ensure that they are appropriate for learners at the intermediate level.
Key feautres
  • Each definition is written using the high-frequency words and naturally occuring grammatical patterns native speakers actually use, making every entry a model of how to use the language appropriately.
  • "Word Webs" present related vocabulary within a context.
  • "Picture Dictionary" boxes illustrate vocabulary and concepts.
  • "Word Partnerships" show high-frequency word patterns.
  • "Thesaurus" boxes offer both synonyms and antonym for the target word.
  • "Word Link" boxes "Word Links" highlight the most common prefixes, suffixes, and word roots of the target word.
  • "Usage" sections clarify the use of commonly misused words and other confusing language, and explain cultural references.
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