Adomania 1 - WorkBook & Audio CD (English Version)

AuthorCorina Brillant, Sophie Erlich & Céline Himber
Publication Date
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Created for Students...designed to make teaching easier!  
This workbook contains written and oral revision and consolidation activities. In addition, the “Cultures” sections, continuing the themes in the student’s book, and the “écrire” section, containing tips for written production, help in the improvement of acquired knowledge.
At the end of each stage, a self-assessment section allows a goal by goal learning review.
Each level contains an easy to use practical learning strategy for students.
Finally, there are 8 pages of non-linguistic disciplines (DNL), linking French language learning to other school subjects.
Materials for level 1
• a student’s book including DVD-ROM (all audio in MP3 format and videos)
• a workbook including an audio CD and codes to download the “Parcours digital®”
• 3 class audio CD’s containing the audio from the student’s book, the workbook and tests from the pedagogical guide-book
• a pedagogical guide-book with tests and pedagogic notes for exploitation of the videos

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