In Praise of masturbation

AuthorPhilippe Brenot
PublisherMarion Boyars
Publication Date
LanguageFranco-Irish Literary Festival 2018
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For the majority of us, masturbation is the most widespread sexual practice, and for the majority of males, it is the first sexual experience of their lives. However, it remains the most unmovable taboo in Western morality.

This book shows how this came about historically and how modern psychology has compounded the problem. If the book claims the audience it deserves, perhaps the world will change. The storm will pass; masturbation will henceforth become a right. It will be deemed lawful, good, agreeable, beautiful, convenient, simple, excellent, decent, meritable, useful, valuable, happy, frequent, habitual, ordinary, comprehensive, exciting, appetizing, attractive, captivating, recreative, interesting, stimulating, passionate and a tonic.
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