Beginner's Irish with Online Audio

AuthorGabriel Rosenstock
Publication Date2019
Edition1st Edition
CategoryGrammar & Vocabulary
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The Irish language, also known as Irish Gaelic or Gaelige, is spoken today by approximately a million people worldwide. It is also the basis of the Irish literary tradition, which is the oldest in Europe after Greek and Latin. Whether you want to connect to your Irish heritage or carry on a conversation when visiting the Gaeltachtai (small rural pockets in Ireland where Irish is the first language spoken),
Beginner’s Irish with Online Audio is the perfect start! Ideal for those new to Irish, learning at home or in the classroom, this guide includes:
  • a brief history of the Irish language;
  • 10 carefully-paced and practical lessons with dialogues, vocabulary, and expressions;
  • a guide to the Irish alphabet and pronunciation; 
  • an online MP3 audio files for free download featuring pronunciation by native speakers. 
  • A chapter on Irish names and their origins 
  • A chapter on Geography and Tourism
The author uses the medium of poetry to enrich the reader’s study of Irish. Numerous examples from Irish literature and poetry, as well as common proverbs and sayings, help teach vocabulary and grammar in an engaging way. 
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