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Aula International Plus 2 - Student Book

AuthorJaime Corpas
Publication DateMay 2020
Edition1st Edition
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The new edition of the most used manual in the world, updated to be even more complete and adaptable . Aula internacional Plus 2 offers you: more grammar reflection activities , with carefully reviewed explanations and examplesmore practice activities , to reinforce student learningmore videos , integrated throughout each unit and with a final video to close itmore attention to the vocabulary , with a new section to collect and work on vocabulary in a personal and meaningful way and a new, highly visual pagea greater integration of culture in a natural way in all documents and activities of the unita revised and expanded grammar , both within the units and in the More grammar sectionan even more interactive experience , with all the digital resources of Aula internacional Plus on Campus Difusión , flipbook and interactive digital book in HTML
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