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Move is a flexible general English course for adults and young adults. It takes a discovery-based approach to lexis and grammar, with an emphasis on communicative language acquisition and practice. Each of the three topic-based modules per level contains 15 hours of core material, and can be easily extended using the additional resources in the Teacher’s Book and on the CD-ROM. This makes Move the ideal course for use on short intensive courses, as well as on longer courses with fewer teaching hours.

Key features

• A flexible short course, ideally suited to intensive study programmes

• The Coursebooks are split into three self-contained modules
• Each module contains its own extra practice, wordlist and reference pages
• The CD-ROM is ideal for self-study and revision

* Provides a total of 45 hours of class work, organised into three self-contained modules
* An integrated skills course with a strong emphasis on grammar and lexis throughout  
* A double page grammar reference section is included at the end of every module with detailed information on the grammar points covered
* An additional two hours of practice exercises help students consolidate what they have learnt
* At the end of each module you will also find a review unit, a wordlist, extra communication activities and the listening scripts for that module  

Coursebook with CD-ROM

• Three self-contained modules, with 15 hours of core material per module

• Imaginative grammar and vocabulary activities encourage students to experiment with the language
• Thorough review units at the end of each module
• Extra practice, grammar reference, wordlist and communication activities at the end of each module
• Interactive CD-ROM offers an activity for every unit, entertaining language learning games, customisable wordlists and bookmarks
• A useful markbook records progress and can be printed out

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