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Advanced, Proficiency and Above
CEF C1/C2 

The award-winning guide to English as it’s really used

The Cambridge Grammar of English is a major new reference grammar for advanced level students, teachers, teacher trainers and applied linguists. Using ground-breaking language research, it offers clear explanations of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage.

Key features

  • Over 7,000 examples of English grammar illustrated.
  • User-friendly, two-part structure covers grammar and usage.
  • The most comprehensive coverage of spoken and written English.
  • Special focus on difficult language areas and guidance on avoiding common mistakes.
  • Differences between British and American English clearly explained.

The accompanying CD-ROM makes the Cambridge Grammar of English even more accessible with:

  • The whole book in handy, searchable format.
  • Audio recordings of all the examples from the book.
  • Links to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary online for instant definitions of new vocabulary.

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