Bored? Games! English board games for learners and teachers (B1-C1). Games for learning English







Bored? Games! is as many as 40 illustrated games for English language learners. They will not only help you improve your English language, but will also provide excellent entertainment for you and your students or friends.

Are you tired of traditional learning methods and would like to let English constructions enter your head by itself? Or maybe you need to tame a large (or slightly smaller) group of unruly students and you already lack ideas for new games ? If you have the honor of being a representative of one of these factions, we have an excellent proposition for you for short summer and long winter evenings!

Bored? Games! contains as many as 40 illustrated games . Thanks to the appropriate sewing technique and a Swiss brochure binding (the cover is not glued to the spine), the book can be opened completely flat at any point. This allows the individual sides to be used as boards on which the pieces stand steadily and do not fall over.

Together with our games:

  • you will improve your knowledge of English grammatical structures at the B1-C1 level ,
  • you will break the language barrier by discussing selected topics with your friends,
  • you will prove to your students that learning English can be pleasant ,
  • you can create your own games using the blank boards attached to the book.

All the games and instructions in the book are in English. The format of the book is close to A4. For individual games you will need various additional but easily accessible tools: pawns, dice or coins.

Delivery in 2 - 5 working days when in stock. Allow up to 14 days for non-stock items.

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