Essential Japanese Kanji Volume 1: Learn the Essential Kanji Characters Needed for Everyday Interactions in Japan







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This beginning-level workbook and textbook for learning the basic Japanese kanji characters has been a favourite with teachers and students since its publication in 1993. The newly revised edition has been updated and expanded by members of the Kanji Text Research Group at prestigious Tokyo University, whose mission is to assist foreigners in learning to speak, read and write Japanese. This book presents the 250 kanji characters that are most frequently encountered in everyday situations in Japan. These kanji are used to write common words found on street signs, restaurant menus, subway ticket machines, ATMs and many other places. Every kanji is presented systematically with a stroke order diagram and writing practice squares alongside its various meanings, readings, vocabulary compounds and derivations. Extensive practice exercises and self-graded quizzes (with answer keys given at the back) assist the reader to improve his or her skill at recognising and using the kanji in typical everyday situations that they will encounter when in Japan. In addition to the practical focus of learning the kanji in the context of actual everyday situations, each chapter includes Advanced Placement (AP)-type exam questions mirroring the format of the College Board s Japanese Language and Culture examination. A thorough introduction explains the origins of the kanji and the Japanese kana phonetic alphabets. Appendices list the kanji in two ways according to pronunciations and radicals and a glossary of common vocabulary compounds is given as well. – Long-selling favourite in new compact, value-for-money format – A systematic approach to mastering reading and writing of kanji encountered in everyday life – Packed with fun quizzes and practically useful exercises for those wishing to improve their daily Japanese – Advanced Placement (AP) Exam practice questions in every chapter make this an invaluable resource for serious students.

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