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Publication Date

7 April 2008

Product Type

Inspirational Ideas for Introducing French to Young Children

5-7 year olds

J’aime Parler is an enjoyable way of introducing 5-7 year olds to French. The focus is very much on developing speaking and listening skills, and helping children to discover the joy of learning a foreign language.

The lesson plans introduce children to simple vocabulary, with lots of opportunities for role play, songs and other activities. The versatile photocopiable sheets support the lessons and can be made into puppets or masks, flashcards, or used simply as colouring-in sheets.

The accompanying CDs contains stories, one for each lesson, about Marvin, a young English kitten, who unexpectedly finds himself in France. Lulu, a French cat, befriends him. She helps him to learn to speak French and introduces him to French culture. Children will love practising their French as they listen to Marvin and Lulu’s adventures. In addition there are five traditional French songs.

We hope you and your pupils will enjoy using J’aime Parler! and that your pupils will experience a great sense of personal achievement and confidence in their expanding knowledge and understanding of French.

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