Japanese Language Proficiency Test Practice Questions JLPT N5 NEW EDITION







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Experience and prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test before the real thing. 

Bonjinsha works officially with the exam writers of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) to bring you this handy practice workbook. Whether you simply want to put your early Japanese ability and recognition to the test, or plan on taking the JLPT for level N5, this workbook prepares you with an authentic selection of past test questions across all areas of study, Reading, Grammar, Listening, Vocabulary and Kanji, to let you judge your own strengths and weaknesses and become fully acquainted with the multiple choice style of the globally recognised test. In total, this single workbook contains the same number of problems as the test you can expect to take, meaning you can thoroughly adjust to the timing and format when reviewing your answers with the attached answer sheet and use the included CD and transcript to accustom yourself to the speed and pronunciation of the listening section. 

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