Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters Volume 2: The Quick and Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters!









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Reinforce your written Chinese with this practice book for the best-selling Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters. 
Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters helps students quickly learn the essential Chinese characters that are fundamental to the language.
This character workbook is intended for self-study or classroom use and presents 135 high-frequency characters and over 405 prevalent words using these characters. These are the characters and words students need to know if they plan to take the official Chinese government HSK Level 2 Exam or the Advanced Placement (AP) Chinese Language and Culture Exam. 
Each character is presented in a straightforward way. A step-by-step diagram shows how to write the character and boxes are provided for freehand writing practice. The meaning and pronunciation are given along with the key vocabulary compounds and an example sentence. Review exercises reinforce the learning process, and an index at the back allows you to look up the characters according to their English meanings or romanized Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation. 
Key features of this Chinese workbook include:
  • Designed for HSK Level 1 and AP exam prep 
  • Learn the 135 most written Chinese characters 
  • Example sentences and over 405 vocabulary items 
  • Step-by-step writing diagrams and practice boxes  

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