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Intermediate to Advanced Level
  • Why do the Irish drink more tea than anyone else in Europe?
  • How did Irish traditional music help give rock music its rebellious spirit?
  • Do red-haired Irish people really turn into vampires after they die?
  • How does the weather affect how romantic Irish people are?
  • Why are Irish people so happy? 
These are just some of the questions that are considered in The Irish Culture Book 1. There are many more.
The Irish Culture Book 1 is a photocopiable resource book of activities designed to foster discussion on aspects of Irish culture.
It can be used by anyone with an interest in exploring Irish culture, most especially in a learning or multicultural environment. The book is particularly useful for teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL) and can be used by language students as a self-access book.
The book can help students develop speaking skills and improve fluency. The conversations deepen critical thinking skills essential for success in a new culture and also for studying in university programs. The book is full of interesting and thought-provoking activities and gives users great opportunities for comparative reflection on their own cultures.
There are over 350 questions, over 100 quotations including Irish proverbs; as well as questionnaires, matching and correcting exercises; quizzes and creative problem-solving tasks. All listening is available to download for free at:

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