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Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate Level
CEF B1/B2 
A grammar practice series, taking students from elementary to advanced. Updated to include interactive e-books with the print books, as well as downloadable tests.
Oxford English Grammar Course Intermediate is a revision and expansion of the highly successful How English Works.
Key features
  • Short, clear grammar explanations are easy to remember
  • Real examples show how the grammar works in practice
  • Engaging practice activities include Internet exercises, Grammar in a text and Grammar and vocabulary
  • Colour illustrations and cartoons put grammar in context
  • Exercises are organised into two levels of difficulty (Basic and Intermediate only)
  • Pronunciation for Grammar, in the e-book, helps students to understand natural speech, and to improve rhythm, stress and intonation
  • Free downloadable lesson-by-lesson Teacher’s Guide for each level offers suggestions for hundreds of additional communicative and out-of-class activities
Each section opens with a lively presentation page which introduces the point of grammar.
Grammar explanations are short, clear and easy to remember. Colour is used to highlight grammatical contrasts. Each grammar explanation is followed immediately by an activity, so that students can practise before moving on to the next explanation. Engaging practice activities include Internet exercises which enable students to see how language is used in real life, Do-it-yourself exercises encourage students to discover how grammar works, and personalisation activities allow students to use the grammar to talk about themselves.
There are ‘More practice’ and a revision test at the end of each section.
OEGC Intermediate has units at two levels. Some, marked ‘Revise the Basics’, revise elementary points of grammar which may still cause problems; units marked ‘Level 2’ are more advanced.
Interactive e-books allow students to do all the exercises on a tablet or computer, both online and offline. Recordings of texts provide added listening practice. ‘Pronunciation for Grammar’ has over 150 interactive exercises which help students to understand natural speech, and to improve rhythm, stress and intonation. Record and playback function allows students to listen, think, repeat and record.
A lesson-by-lesson Teacher’s Guide supplements the Student’s Book exercises with hundreds of additional communicative and out-of-class practice activities, to help students make the move from practising grammar to using grammar. They also contain helpful Language Notes showing typical problems students may have with certain structures, often because of cross-language differences. You can see a sample of the Basic Teacher’s Guide, or download the complete Guides free from www.oup.com/elt/oegcteachersguides.
At the end of Intermediate your students will be ready to move on to Oxford English Grammar Course Advanced.

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