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28 Jun 2004

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Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million people in over 20 countries and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices for language learners around the world. A popular course for beginners, Sueños World Spanish 1 is designed to meet the varied needs of adult learners, whether learning at home or in a class. From the very beginning it encourages you to develop your listening and speaking skills with confidence and provides many opportunities to practise reading in Spanish. Using the extensive range of media available, from the course book to the audio CDs or cassettes, to the popular accompanying television series and free online activities.
  • Authentic dialogues recorded around the whole of the Spanish-speaking world allow you to hear Spanish as it is actually spoken
  • Exercises and activities help you develop and hone your listening and speaking skills

Available as a full pack or separately: Course Book, Audio CDs, Activity Book

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